Background Checks

All Federal & State laws regarding firearms transfers are followed.

All firearms sales & transfers by dealers require a background check. Michigan residents will need to present a state issued photo ID, with a current address, and complete a form 4473 in person. Background checks generally only takes a few minutes and you can usually take possession of the firearm the same day.

Firearm Transfers – If you purchase a firearm out of state, or from a private individual and need a transfer agent, we could be happy to help you. We only charge $20 per transfer and the paperwork needed takes a few minutes to complete. (more details)

Consignment Sales – At this time, Thumb Gun is not accepting consignment items. We do buy used firearms but do not purchase used black powder guns or commemorative firearms.

Customer’s Responsibilities  (This list is not all-inclusive)

  • Educate yourself on the safe handling of firearms.
  • Educate yourself on all Federal, State, and Local laws regarding firearms ownership, including but not limited to handling, transporting and storing.
  • Keep all firearms and knives out of the reach of children and stored in a secure manner.
  • Understand the proper functioning of your firearm.

Children and Young Adults – We are enthusiastic about helping future generations learn about responsible firearm ownership. If you would like to introduce your children or grandchildren to firearms safety and marksmanship, please let us know how we can help.

Identification – We require state-issued photo identification, with a current address, to purchase any firearm or ammunition. Active duty Military Personnel must have their military ID, as well as a copy of their permanent duty station orders and any existing current state issued ID.

Out of state residents may purchase a firearm, but cannot take possession of the handgun from Thumb Gun.  These customers will need to arrange with a Federal Firearms Licensee, in their state of residence, to take possession of the firearm and lawfully transfer the firearm to the customer.

Payment – We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

Pricing – We try to offer fair and competitive pricing, but our prices are firm.  We do not negotiate on prices.

Purchasing of Used Firearms – We do buy used firearms, but do not purchase used black powder guns or commemorative firearms.

Used Firearms – All used firearms are sold “as is”. We recommend that you thoroughly inspect the firearm before you purchase. It is also recommended that you have a complete safety inspection performed by a professional gunsmith on any used firearm you purchase.

Denial of Business – We reserve the right to deny sales and service to anyone. Ask us to do something illegal, act improperly in the store, be disrespectful to our customers or staff, fail to qualify for firearm ownership on form 4473, fail a NICS check are some of the reasons why we might deny you a sale or service.

Sales – All sales are final.

Shipping – At this time we are not shipping firearms.